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Corel Announces Support for Production Ready Art Standards
Ottawa, Canada - October 17, 2006 - Corel Corporation (NASDAQ:CREL; TSX:CRE) is pleased to announce its support of the new Production Ready Art Standards endorsed by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). The recently announced Production Ready Art Standards are specifically designed to ensure that professionals in the advertising specialty industry have a common set of guidelines to simplify the acceptance and transfer of electronic artwork for the production of advertising specialty products. Read more…

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Jay Busselle Editorial
A&E Magazine

They’re here – Updated Production Ready Artwork Standards and Guidelines!
The Production Ready Artwork Standards Committee is proud to announce the rollout of updated standards and guidelines to improve the transfer of electronic artwork within our industry. The revisions, which include lists of acceptable and unacceptable artwork formats andapproved graphic software, help establish a universal process to create, store and share production ready artwork. These revisions make it easier for suppliers and distributors to integrate new processes to enhance their business operations, improve turnaround time for clients and allot more time for selling. 

An updated Production Ready Artwork (PRA) logo has been created for compliant suppliers and distributors to place on their websites and print materials to communicate to clients and to business partners that they adhere to the PRA standards.  

As technology evolves, the Production Ready Artwork Standards and Guidelines will be evaluated by the Committee. They will review the existing standards and recommend changes relevant to promotional products industry participants. 

Be sure to download the Production Ready Artwork Standards and Guidelines and share with your clients. Additionally, an interactive Proof Form is available to download.

Keep abreast of changes!  Simply complete the Stay Up-To-Date form and we will alert you when updates are made to the guidelines and standards. We would appreciate your sharing your thoughts, comments, etc. by dropping an email to


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